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It doesn’t matter what you pump for – to fight ED, to enlarge your penis or just for pleasure – X-Men Pump (Passion Pump) is for you! It’s is an incredibly easy-to-use device – all you have to do to get started with it is insert your penis into the cylinder and start pumping until you acquire an erection! X-Men Pump (Passion Pump) creates vacuum around your penile body thus drawing blood into it and making it come stone-hard!

A mere minute of pumping on the X-Men Pump (Passion Pump) is capable of increasing the length and girth of your penis by up to 2 inches each! X-Men Pump (Passion Pump) is not just a means of fighting ED – it works real wonders with the size of your erection!


This is an extremely easy-to-use vacuum penis pump that can be used as a drug-free way to fight ED, effective means of enlarging the penis or just as a means of pleasuring yourself and your partner! All you have to do is insert your penis into the see-through acrylic cylinder that has an air hose and a little hand pump used to suck the air out of it attached to its end. As the air gets sucked out of the cylinder, the penile body gets filled with blood which results in its hardening and a significant increase in its size

Is penis pumping safe?

Sure, penis pumping can involve certain risks but is proven to be totally safe when done in full accordance with the doctor’s recommendations. Most frequently, problems are encountered by those who apply too much pressure on their penile bodies during the pumping process. Penis pumps have been used by doctors to treat ED for years. If used carefully, they prove to be much safer than most popular anti-ED drugs.

Can I expect permanent results?

Yes, if you use X-Men Pump (Passion Pump) regularly over an extended period of time, your penis will gain both in length and in thickness. During the first weeks of usage the observed increase in size of your penis will be only temporary. However, after several more weeks of regular usage of penis pump you can expect the acquired results to become permanent.

How to use vacuum penis pumpHow can I clean X-Men Pump (Passion Pump) after using it?

Wash X-Men Pump (Passion Pump) with usual dishwashing detergent and then rinse it with warm water. If you ejaculate into the cylinder we recommend you to rinse it immediately.

X-Men Pump (Passion Pump) can be used for 4 basic purposes:

Fighting ED: Looking for a way to get an erection without having to resort to the help of anti-ED meds? Just insert your penis into the cylinder and pump the trigger gently. This will increase the flow of blood into your penile body and make it become stiff. Use the cock ring in order to sustain the acquired erection. Bingo! You are ready to get down to business! The vibrating cock ring (optional) will help you prolong the intercourse and give extra pleasure to both you and your partner.

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