Berpuluh-puluh produk ketatkan vagina di jual di pasaran USA tidak dapat menandingi keberkesanan China Shrink Cream sehinggakan ianya merupakan produk wajib di Adult Store. 

China Shrink Cream yang di jual di dalam website kami ini juga di import terus dari adult store yang terletak di bandaraya New York.

China shrink cream adalah satu produk pengetat vagina yang paling laris di USA disebabkan kebesanannya. China Shrink Cream adalah produk USA . Nama china diambil sempena gadis-gadis sunti china yang mempunyai  vagina yang ketat

Seperti yang kita tahu rata-rata wanita eropah , USA terutamanya mempuyai vagina yang kendur sebelum usia 20 tahun disebabkan hubungan seksual yang kerap sebagai gaya hidup di sana. Disebabkan dengan hal tersebut,  produk ketatkan vagina adalah produk yang di cari-cari oleh wanita disana untuk mengembalikan feel seperti anak dara

Berpuluh-puluh produk ketatkan vagina di jual di pasaran USA tidak dapat menandingi keberkesanan  China Shrink Cream sehinggakan ianya  merupakan produk wajib di Adult Store. China Shrink Cream yang di jual di dalam website kami ini juga di import terus dari adult store yang terletak di bandaraya New York.
Testimoni di bawah adalah sebahagian testimoni yang  kami ‘copy paste’ terus dari website AMAZON tanpa sebarang edit , masih mempunya beribu testimoni lagi di dalam alam internet.   JADI TUNGGU APA LAGI? BUATKAN KEJUTAN PADA SUAMI ANDA, DAN KEMBALIKAN FEEL SEPERTI ANAK DARA 

AMARAN!!! Jangan Guna Jika Anda:-
– Mengandung
– Mempuyai luka pada vagina
– Masih Dara
– Berhenti menggunakannya jika ada alahan

P. Simmons – See all my reviews(REAL NAME)

I read about this product, heard good reviews and bad all through the internet, I decided to order 5 tubes since they was small, I applied a little more then suggested (mistake) because I am naturally loose, I have 2 children both born by c-section however I have heard the vaginal walls loosen even without a vaginal birth, and being naturally loose and ontop of pregnancy, I wasn’t as tight as I used to be, well, I waited 5 minutes like the instructions suggested after I applied it and checked, no real big difference, but after 30 minutes I can’t even insert a finger, this product really works, it has no smell to it either, this product is AMAZING, but start off using a small amount like the instructions suggest before applying more, it works for 24 hours so apply it at noon and by night your as tight as a virgin.

5.0 out of 5 stars IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!, October 15, 2009
J (California) – See all my reviews

I was very skeptical about this product my wife tried others and this one is the only one that worked so by this one I am still in shock in how well this worked this a real review I wasn’t sure about the others but wow no lie it works. My wife said that it went from like 2 to 3 fingers to like barely getting one in and it took some work and it is still moist inside all I have to say is wow buy this you wont regret it.

5.0 out of 5 stars Seriously!, March 17, 2011
nukeme (California,U.S.A.) – See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Nasstoys China Shrink Cream (Health and Beauty)

I am very surprised this actually works Now it doesn’t tighten you like a virgin thats impossible  But it makes you TIGHT! like hard to slip in your finger tight the cream makes it feel kinda dry the walls of the vagina but it also makes you really wet at the same time O_o i don’t know how it works,and well i can barley explain it lol, but from my experience it does the job. +A few good things about this product : *It lasts alllooonnnng time *makes you wet *makes you tighter *more sensitive -A few bad things about this product is *It feels a little creamy with grainy stuff in it *I had to use alot and wait 10 minutes *Does not taste good *The next day your vagina will discharge the cream and well discharge is always gross but thats how you clean yourself down there!

5.0 out of 5 stars My 4th Time Back For More!, February 12, 2012
NurseRachet (Mineapolis, MN) – See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Nasstoys China Shrink Cream (Health and Beauty)

After 4 kids, 3 vaginal deliveries and wishing I could feel more sensation and wishing sex could be like it once was, I finally found China Shrink Cream last December…here is my story updated every few months since the initial purchase. 12/2012 All I can say after 1 month is….THANK YOU! It works! It makes sex so much better for us both. What a blessing. I was skeptical, but to those of you who are unsure, you have to try it to BELIEVE! I forgot sex could be this good. I’m speechless. 4/2012 Well, that was after 1 month. It is 4 months later and I just received my 2nd tube last week! It’s still working! I have had sex 2 times since beginning to use China Shrink Cream WITHOUT the cream….NEVER again! I felt embarrassed after being so tight for so long now. The 1st tube did last 4 months having sex 5x a week and using about 3 large pea sized blobs of cream. That did surprise me considering how small it seems it lasts a long time. It’s great miracle stuff! (Can you believe 5x a week! It used to be 2 or 3 times if I was lucky!) I feel more confident, have more sensation, obviously the spouse is happy and can’t believe this stuff makes it squeeze so tight again! ***Update*** 8/18/2012 (About 4 months after last review and 8 months since first) I decided to purchase VieNue Vivify Vaginal Rejuvenation & Tightening Cream / Gel for Relief of Vaginal Relaxation because China Shrink Cream has a tendency to fade away after getting really wet. It is very expensive however I must say that I have now found a new product that far surpasses China Shrink Cream. It has long term effects and moisturizes at the same time. You can read my full review at the link above. If you can’t spend the money China Shrink Cream is a decent temporary fix, but when you do have the extra dough, VieNue will change your life in ways I never imagined! Good luck ladies! ~Rachael Jones

5.0 out of 5 stars good stuff, works for me, October 22, 2010
Robin K (berkshire, UK) – See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Nasstoys China Shrink Cream (Health and Beauty)

This stuff really works for me. I’m 47 and have 3 children. It is a bit grainy and tends to drip, so I have found a way to avoid the yuck. I use it a few minutes before I shower, just smear a pea sized bit up there and when I shower I wash away the drip and no more graininess. It lasts for hours and hours so you can use it way before you play. Do NOT use this if you need to use a tampon in the next 24 hours!

5.0 out of 5 stars It really worked, December 6, 2010

I bought this because me and a friend wanted to see if it would work (we didn’t think it would). When it came we put some on and within 5 minutes neither one of us could get a finger in. Highly recommended for anyone that needs it.

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome!, September 26, 2009
Seika “blessed” (Freeport, Bahamas) – See all my reviews

So I bought this stuff and used some cause I just wanted to improve my sexlife with my fiance and geeeeeeeeeeeee. This stuff is awesome! That man thought I was a virgin again. I would definitely use recommend this product!

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing!!, October 17, 2011

So after having a few kids im obviously not a tight down below as i used to be. But after using this 20 min later i can’t even get a finger in without a little effort. Its very strong, no smell, no side effects. An absolutely amazing product!!! it says 5minutes to start working the key word in that is “start”. but i promise you will be tight after 20. Adds alot to the sex life, my husband and i were the kind to maybe make love once a week at the most, now he wants me all the time. And let me tell you it does wonders for a woman as well, being tighter you can feel much more making your “happy ending” alot easier to achieve.

5.0 out of 5 stars Skeptic @ First, June 11, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

As you get older you have to adjust a few things such as Exercising your pleasure spot! So with that being said Kegals, some home remedies like vinegar and water, and now the China Cream all paid off!! All I can say is when I received the cream I was at first disappointed by the SIZE..but that of course was my fault.. I over looked it. However when I used it, all I needed was a pinch.. I did not feel any tingling or any indication if it was working or not. BTW, my fiance was kissing my pleasure spot and I was waiting to hear if he would have said anything about the taste or smell but it has none. Which is a good thing. When we proceeded all I can remember him was saying ooooooooo its so tight over and over again..and then within 5 minutes it was all over!!! lmao

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